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Our New Website!

Our New Website!

I cannot even express how excited I am about our new website! This has been a long, long, long, long, long time coming. 🙂 Special thanks to Dean for his creative talent and amazing business sense. It also blows my mind that next year I will have had The Perfect Face for 15 years. Its Definitly time for a “makeover”! This next year will bring so many awesome surprizes. God is blessing this business like you cannot even imagine!

A special thank you to all of our wonderful clientle who have followed us through the past 15 years, and to our future clients who may be perusing the web and have just happened upon us. We would so appreciate and welcome any feedback you can give us on the new website. Is there anything additional you would like to see implemented into the site? Do you feel it is user friendly? We cant wait to hear from you.

I love that I have a blog now. Please try to visit it frequently and please be patient with me while I figure all this fancy technology out.   I love writing and have been journaling for over 25 years. This one should be easy. I say that now, but life does get busy and somethings got to give. But, ya’ll inspire me, please keep it up and I’ll try my absolute best to keep this up. 🙂 What would ya’ll like to read about? Adventures in my makeup world? How I juggle my Faith, husband, babies and career? (I dont by the way, Christ does)  Makeup tips? Makeup How to’s? Product Reviews? or a little bit of everything? Let me know.

My newest addiction is instagram. I try to post on there at least twice a day with before and afters, makeup looks, behind the scenes shots, and some inspirational quotes. We do run a contest about every week or so for makeup giveaways. If you’re addicted like me Please follow us @theperfectface or click on the little icon right over there to the right, yeah right there. Click now and follow!

Because of clients like you our custom cosmetics line The Perfect Face Cosmetics is doing amazing. If you havent had a chance to try our awesome products yet please visit the website that I just linked fof you. (which by the way Dean, that website totally needs to be redone too, I heart you) We’ll see if he wants to put up with me any longer after this last adventure in web design. 🙂 The products are designed for Film, Photography, Stage and everyday perfection. We have so many clients that are glamour girls and live life in the limelight I wanted to create a line that they could feel confident wearing while walking on a red carpet or comfortable wearing while standing on a yoga mat. Our line is extrememly highly pigmented so a tiny bit goes a long way, which means you dont have to wear as much makeup, so it lasts longer on your face and your wallet. Try it, you’ll love it! We now offer sample sizes for purchase in some products as well.

I cant wait to hear from our clients and followers. Let me know your thoughts, ideas, beauty needs, and so much more.



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