Bridal Information

The Perfect Face Bride

It’s what every bride wants on her wedding day… The Perfect Face. To achieve the image you’ve always dreamed of, you want a makeup artist who will work with you to help make those dreams come true. Why stress over the time you’ll have to spend running around to get ready, when you can have your own personal hair and makeup artist come to you. This is the day you deserve to be pampered. Sit back, relax, and let a highly trained artist give you your perfect face.

For the Bride – Luxury Bridal Packages

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For the Bridal Party – MASTER Artist Rates (Danielle Doyle)

Please allow 1/2 hr per service

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For the Bride – SENIOR Artist Rates

Please allow 1 hr per service

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For the Bridal Party – SENIOR Artist Rates

Please allow 1/2 hr per service

  • Service
  • Per Person
  • Makeup and Hair
  • $250
  • Makeup Only
  • $200


THE GROOM: $35.00 (Senior) , $50 (Master)

The artist will apply Airbrush Makeup to cover any blemishes, razor burn, sunburn, or just to even out the complexion and rid him of shine. He will appear makeup free but with perfect skin and your photographer will love you, because no more retouching.


TATOO AND SCAR COVER: $35 Each (Senior),  $50 (Master)
Each tattoo or scar is airbrushed to perfection. The tattoo and scar color will not be detectable after coverage. Airbrush makeup will not transfer onto clothing. This rate is for tattoos and scars that are the artists fist size or smaller, please call for rates for larger coverage areas.


Many of our brides want to look completely flawless from head to toe, Does your chest seem to get red with nervousness, Do you suffer from back breakouts due to the stress of wedding planning, Do your upper arms have an uneven skin tone. This service is perfect for you. The airbrush makeup will cover all of your worries and will not transfer onto clothing.


False lashes are included complimentary with all makeup sessions for our brides and bridal parties. However any client not receiving a full makeup session may opt for lashes only, at an additional charge of $25.00 per person


HAIR EXTENSIONS: (PRICES VARRY) $25 fee will be added per application 
For brides having their hair done by The Perfect Face, who would like to add clip in extensions provided by the bride  $25 will be added to the hairstyling rate per each application needed.



Out of town daily service minimum

$1000 (Senior), $1600 (Master)

Our artists are continually booked for destination and out of town weddings. These weddings do include additional fees such as airfare, hotel, taxi or rental car, food per diem, mileage fees, and travel time fees plus a minimum of daily services must be met, please see artists daily minimums above.