Marissa Powell – MISS UTAH USA 2013 / quote

miss utah on stage“I remember the first time I had a makeup lesson with you- I walked out feeling like a completely new woman!… You have helped me look and feel more confident and beautiful in my own skin than I ever have before…I can’t tell you how many compliments I get DAILY on my makeup. I also was lucky enough to have you as my makeup artist at Miss USA, which aided me to receive an award as Miss Photogenic and placed 3rd runner-up overall. I truly have never felt so beautiful- not only because of the way you made me look with your talents that you shared with me, but because of your encouraging words and uplifting spirit. You have a real gift  from God- the talent of making women FEEL beautiful. Thank you, thank you for sharing your talents and love with me.   Now that I have found the best of the best, I will be using The Perfect Face makeup for the rest of my life!


Chris McCaffrey, Director of Operations – Ventana Productions / quote

“When you can see every pore in Hi-Def, perfect airbrush makeup is a must! Thank you so much Danielle, your team made all the difference on camera and, even better, was a blast to work with! We look forward to teaming up with you again.”

Michelle Berthalot West – MISS LOUISIANA USA® 2008 / quote

MICHELLE BERTHALOT CLOSEUP“When I won Miss Louisiana USA 2008, I had no idea about all of the perks that came along with the opportunity. One of my favorites was being sponsored by The Perfect Face!!!  First of all, Danielle is the absolute best. She is beyond a goofball with me, but she always answers my random makeup questions even 5 years later. Since then, I have not used another makeup line on my face!  The pigment is amazing and it lasts so long. I never have to worry about my makeup looking bad; and I always get compliments on it because she rocks at teaching application. I highly recommend TPF and you will never use another line!”

Kandace Krueger-Matthews / quote

“Danielle, Thanks so much for all of your help and expertise at Miss Texas last weekend! I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me look and feel my best! It was so nice to finally get to know you better. Its easy to see why everyone adores you! Hope to see you again very soon.”

Shawnda Kimmel / quote

“Danielle, thank you so much for letting me come in for make-up the day before our wedding. And many thanks to Andi for the fabulous job she did airbrushing my make-up the day before the wedding. I had my make-up done Friday morning, slept in the make-up Friday night, and got married Saturday morning. I only had to reapply lipstick before walking down the aisle! My make-up looked as fresh Saturday morning as it did when I left your studio Friday. I received a ton of compliments and no one had any idea that I’d actually had my make-up done over 24 hours before – a real testament to both product quality and artist talent. You ladies are the absolute best!”

Serrena Adams / quote

Thank you Danielle,

I want to genuinely thank you for the amazing training and experience that has helped me get to where I am today.

I think that your clientele and your success speak volumes about you. I was very fortunate to have had you on my side. Your very specific, and personal, one on one lessons and guidance has given me much fulfillment. Your quick responsiveness, and superb follow-up, kept me on track for a flawless execution every time.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on celebrities, popular TV shows, magazines, photo-shoots, pageants, etc….. the list goes on and on. You have helped instruct and influence me into my own career of owning my own business. Without your schooling, and fantastic instruction and training, I would not now own my third salon. Because of you Danielle, and the introductions to ton’s of important people in this beauty/entertainment world, I now have my own multiple contracts with huge clients.

You are truly a brilliant person professionally, and personally! The reason your student artists all look so good to our own clientele, is because of the intense knowledge we got from you.

Much Love, and thanks,

Serrena Adams

  • Former student of The Perfect Face artistry training program
  • Owner and operator of Secret Extensions Salon

Sandra Mata / quote

Danielle’s expertise in the makeup field is outstanding. She has had the opportunity to work on celebrities, athletes, and the most beautiful faces in the world, but is humble and is willing to share all of her secrets and tips on how to create an amazing look with all of the artists she trains. Being trained by a makeup master and obtaining experience is no match for even the best schools. Studying a color wheel and understanding concepts is imperative to being a true artist, but watching the color wheel come alive and experiencing the fascination of applying colors to different skin tones and undertones to create a masterpiece is the kind of knowledge that you can’t put a price tag on. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to develop my art through the Perfect Face. I am the artist I am today and can attribute my accomplishments and success in the industry to Danielle Doyle

Sandra Mata

  • Former student of The Perfect Face Artistry Training Program
  • Owner of Kiss and Makeup

Misty Rockwell / quote


I want to thank you for everything you have done for me…  You have helped me achieve a dream of being a makeup artist, and introduced me to a life I didn’t know was possible.  I have learned so much from you for which I will always be grateful.  Not only have you shown me your art form, but you have also shown me a side of professionalism and work ethic that I appreciate so much…


Misty Rockwell

  • Former Student of The Perfect Face Artistry training program
  • Freelance Makeup Artist at Glam Studio by Misty
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