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Danielle’s expertise in the makeup field is outstanding. She has had the opportunity to work on celebrities, athletes, and the most beautiful faces in the world, but is humble and is willing to share all of her secrets and tips on how to create an amazing look with all of the artists she trains. Being trained by a makeup master and obtaining experience is no match for even the best schools. Studying a color wheel and understanding concepts is imperative to being a true artist, but watching the color wheel come alive and experiencing the fascination of applying colors to different skin tones and undertones to create a masterpiece is the kind of knowledge that you can’t put a price tag on. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to develop my art through the Perfect Face. I am the artist I am today and can attribute my accomplishments and success in the industry to Danielle Doyle

Sandra Mata

  • Former student of The Perfect Face Artistry Training Program
  • Owner of Kiss and Makeup

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